Nepalese Association in the UK


About YETI

1. History
2. Aims & Objectives
3. Membership
4. Main Activities
5. Education
6. Regional Units
7. Welfare Activities
8. Reception to visiting dignitaries and guests
9. Relation with Host Country
10. Relation with Royal Nepali Embassy


Founded May 1960 in London. Founder members: Pashupati SJB Rana, Hemang Dixit, Angur Baba Joshi, S K Malla, Prabal Rana, Surya B Basnyat and others. HM King Birendra, the then Crown Prince, as a student at Eton, was its patron. Thirty eight years of history makes its oldest Nepali orsanisation in the western world.

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Aims & Objectives:

To promote goodwill and co-operation amongst Nepalese, to preserve Nepali culture and tradition, to voice Nepali aspirations whenever necessary, remaining strictly, non partisan social organisation.

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Membership :

Open to all Nepalese ordinarily living in the UK irrespective of their country of origin. Last Election held in August 1996 was a important milestone in the history of the association. Five Hundred and twenty five members from Scotland, Wales and various part of England including North and Midland gathered in London to elect the present Central Executive Committee by exercising their democratic rights. There are other professional and purpose based smaller Nepali organisations in UK but, all are members of the Yeti thus, giving the association the privilege an honour to be sole representative of all Nepalese in Britain.

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Main activities:

Social. Dasain, New Year, HM's Birthday, Democracy day, Buddha Jayanti and cultural activities in close collaboration with Koseli a local cultural group.

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Nepali class for youth and young children, Youth co-ordination and sports activities, Yeti Cup tournament and other sports activities involving Nepalese youth from various parts of Britain and our fellow countrymen from the brigade of Gurkhas.

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Regional Units:

We encourage to open up regional branches in various parts of UK considering the density of Nepali population to cater for the local needs, while remaining within the broad frame work of the main constitution of YETI. First regional office under this principle was set up in Manchester in 1992.

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Welfare activities:

Yeti has always shown solidarity and compassion towards Nepal and Nepalese people in the time of needs, by extending support and raising funds. it is unfortunate that, we are yet to establish a permanent place of our own. The present committee has been successful to set up "Yeti London Welfare Foundation" as a registered charity in the UK with a view to establish Yeti House in London. Let us sincerely hope once established, this house will provide a centre for various activities of the association. We are much encouraged by the positive response shown by Nepali Community and also by our British friends towards achieving of the goal.

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Reception to visiting dignitaries and guests :

It has been our tradition to welcome visiting dignitaries from Nepal. In doing so, we had been able to acquaint the guests about us at the same time, have the opportunity to hear about current situations in Nepal. Our guests have included HM King, Queen, The Crown Prince, other members of Royal Family to politicians like senior democratic leader Late Ganesh Man Singh, former Prime ministers KP Bhattarai, Man Mohan Adhikari, Sher Bahadur Deoba, ministers and parliamentarians and others human right activists like Rishikesh Shah, Bishwa Kant Mainali, Senior Civil Servants of HMG of Nepal. Artists Madan Krishna, Hari Bansha and many other groups, Miss World aspirant like Jharana Bajracharya to world tour motorcyclist like Madhab Sharma, to mention a few. The main purpose which being to show our hospitality and good will towards them.

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Relation with Host Country :

Yeti has maintained a close and cordial relationship with Britain Nepal Society, an organisation consisting of British People from various walks of life i.e. British Army, diplomatic service, business sector, doctors, teachers and people from various other fields and other organisation relating to Nepal.

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Relation with Royal Nepali Embassy :

Yeti is grateful to former Ambassadors, senior officers and members of staff at the embassy, those who have been very helpful and sympathetic towards our association and Nepali Community at large. We are equally fortunate to have the present team at the Embassy led by H. E. Dr Singh. B Bashnyat, a career diplomat of more than thirty years of experience, mainly in the foreign office and MA and Ph.D. in International affairs from the United States, National champion in various sports in Nepal, who brings enormous experience to London for the benefit of Nepal and to Nepali Community in UK.

Yeti is a common platform to all Nepalese living in the UK., whether rich or poor, a professional or an ordinary worker. Our motto is to steer the Association clear from sectarian, communal or political agenda. We believe in mutual respect, harmony and peaceful co-existence.

Being a voluntary organisation, Yeti is entirely run by tireless effort of its members, in term of time and money, some of them having contributed much more than their fair share. Our appreciation goes to them all. We are fully aware of the tide of change, that is taking place around us. To equip ourselves for the nest millennium and also to cater for the needs of future generation, we are trying to give due consideration to appropriate measures, that are necessary. Constructive suggestions and advice are always welcome from well-meaning and responsible members of the community.

Today having entered into infinite horizon through internet, we feel even closer to Nepal and fellow Nepalese living in various parts of the World.

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